Get a Grip

You'll never put it down

America's Rebar: 100% USA Made

Proudly made in the Hinterlands of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

All of GatorBar’s manufacturing processes, custom production lines, control systems, and technologies were designed and constructed using American know-how, ingenuity, grit, determination, and American trained and experienced draftsmen, fabricators, engineers, project managers, and service companies.

GatorBar unapologetically bootstrapped itself into a product segment where no one had gone before and became what it is today—America’s Rebar.

Why Gatorbar?

Price The most economical composite rebar on the market.
Stability Greater pricing stability than steel.
Strong 2x stronger in tensile strength than steel.
Light 4x lighter in weight than steel.
zero slivers Sliverless Grip Technology for better handling. 
Less Labor 30 - 45% labor savings.
Zero Rust Zero rust and spalling = less rehab/maintenance.
100% USA Made From manufacturing to components.
Better Bond  Increased pull-out strength above ASTM D7957
Millions of feet In concrete and counting.
Certified ICC AC454 and ESR-4526 certified.
Proven Higher performing concrete reinforcement.

ICC Certified. Zero Recalls. Zero Failures.