Application: Agriculture

Bust less. Pour more.

Gatorbar in Agriculture

Agricultural projects built using GatorBar withstand even the toughest elements. Our American-made GatorBar rebar has been used in reinfocement of livestock barn foundations, feed slabs, grain bins, barn walls, and milking parlors. Our non-conductive rebar is ideal for applications with livestock because our rebar doesn't require grounding like the competition. Non-grounded rebar is a known issue among dairy-based facilities who can notice a decrease in animal production tied to stray voltage at the waterers. Our GatorBar product line is also rust-free to help keep your agricultural applications in good condition for longer. 

Our team of engineers is ready to assist you with planning the rebar needs for your specific agricultural application and presents benefits not only to your construction crew, but also to your customers. 

Grade 155 Tensile Strength

Whereas steel rebar has respective tensile strengths of 40 ksi (Grade 40 steel) or 60 ksi (Grade 60 steel), GatorBar has a tensile strength of 155 ksi — the equivalent to a Grade 155! Not only does this allow GatorBar to be used at smaller more economical sizes but doing so at considerably higher strength.

Better Bar. Better Concrete.

Over time concrete will crack regardless of the rebar being used. When it does, GatorBar’s higher tensile strength will significantly outperform steel rebar by holding those cracks together better. And, when water invades those cracks, GatorBar will not rust and expand — an expansion process that actually destroys the concrete further from the inside out.

Agricultural Projects

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