Investment Opportunities Hold My Bar.

Neuvokas Corporation, the manufacturer of GatorBar founded in 2013 in the Hinterlands of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is a closely held, non-publicly traded company that was birthed as a result of a simple observation: advances in manufacturing and material sciences would allow FRP rebar to be produced competitively with its black steel counterpart.

This insight spurred founders Erik Kiilunen and Ken Keranen to construct a product that has in short order turned the concrete reinforcement industry on its head.

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from concrete.

With hundreds of millions of feet of GatorBar installed throughout all 50 states and a growing nationwide network of distributors, installers, approvals and acceptance, GatorBar quickly bootstrapped itself into a product segment where no one had gone before and became the cost reducing, higher performance reinforcement alternative that it is today...America's Rebar.

Potential investors interested in the opportunity that GatorBar represents should feel free to contact Erik Kiilunen, CEO at 906.934.2661 or

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