man carrying bundle of Gatorbar rebar
Bray’s Bayou Hike & Bike Trail

Product: #3 x 20’ GatorBar GFRP
Placement: 12” on center both directions.  
Approximate Rebar Savings:  $144,000

Description:  Project schedules are a demanding part of the life for contractors, engineers, and project owners every day.  The use of GatorBar in this project allowed the contractor to work efficiently using less heavy equipment and fewer workers.  This was in areas where heavier equipment was not always possible.  
Rain also causes project schedule challenges and the contractor was able to pre-tie grids based, keeping employees working.  Once weather cleared these grids were transferred to the jobsite and could be easily moved into position by the contractor.  
The properties of GatorBar also ensure concrete performance, life span, and overall durability performance.  This project has highly expansive soils and the GatorBar reinforcement improved crack control by reducing the amount of cracks typically seen on this type of soil.  The extremely high strength ensures any cracks that form stay tightly together regardless of jobsite conditions.