danielson construction
Retention Pond Project

10' x 20' grids, 11'' OCBW

Reducing Cost, Retaining Concrete Life 

Danielson Contracting turned to our team for our pre-tied GatorBar Grids with jobsite delivery for a large retention pond project they were working on. We delivered 222 of our lightweight, easy-to-transport GatorBar Grids in 10 foot by 20 foot sections. 

Not only did the pre-tied grids save the contracting team time and money, at 42 pounds per grid, the overall weight made the grids easy to carry and place. Had the team instead used #4 steel rebar, it would have taken them five days to install, instead of the one day it took to set-up, tie, and chair with the pre-tied GatorBar Grids. 

GatorBar total cost: $24,956 ($21,756/grids + $3200/labor)

#4 rebar total cost: $32,000 ($16,000/steel + $16,000/labor)

Total savings: $7,044

By using GatorBar Grids, Danielson’s team saved both money and time. Now they are on to the next project 4 days sooner... imagine the difference this makes over a year! 

That is the GatorBar difference.