GatorBar Founder Ken Keranen

Ken B. Keranen

Founder & Director of Sales

Mr. Keranen, received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 2003. 

Upon graduation Mr. Keranen joined Kiilunen Manufacturing Group (KMG) in the capacity of General Manager.  During his tenure the two main entities of KMG, Dirt Bag, Inc. and Superior Polymer Products experienced extensive growth.   

Dirt Bag, Inc. a manufacturer of dust filters for computers and related equipment, was Mr. Keranen’s primary focus during his first 5 years with KMG.  Dirt Bag, Inc. experienced over 1,000% growth during that time.  Instrumental in the growth was the development of ancillary products to complete the product line and meet the needs of the growing customer base.   

Superior Polymer Products primary business was manufacturing adhesives as a Tier 2 automotive supplier until the recession of 2008 when automotive accounts took a dramatic slide.  At this time Mr. Keranen was responsible for the addition of Spray Foam Insulation to Superior Polymer Products’ offering, and oversaw company growth in excess of 100% through the recession. 

Mr. Keranen was responsible for maintaining compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards and ensuring the internal policy remained in certification.   Additionally Mr. Keranen has written an ISO 14001 Environmental Program for Superior Polymer Products. 

In 2009 Mr. Keranen was enlisted to begin the development of EcoStud LLC another company held by KMG which designs, market and sells environmentally friendly building products.  Primarily recycled plastic furring members.  In late 2012 the company pivoted and began developing Fiber Reinforced Polymer rebar.  This effort has since spun off and is now operating as Neuvokas Corporation a company in which he is a Co-Founder.  Mr. Keranen is currently the Sales Director of Neuvokas Corporation, and is actively involved in sales and business development.   

Mr. Keranen resides in Hancock, Michigan with his wife and two children.  He is an avid baseball fan and enjoys all things outdoors.